Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp

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With around 40% yield loss, raw avocados are costing you a lot more than you think.* Avoid additional labour and wastage with Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp, it's made from 100% hand-picked Hass avocado and lasts 18months in the freezer.

Whether you use Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp as a versatile spread, filling or menu add-on, you’ll be sure to provide your customers with a great tasting avocado experience.

Watch The Raw Truth to find out if using raw avocados really save you money?

*Approximate loss, results may vary between avocado size and operations.


Terms and Conditions

Samples are available to Foodservice and/or Hospitality industry professionals in Australia only and are subject to availability. Simplot Foodservice reserves the right to determine the validity of sample requests. Sample will include 1 x 454g tray of Edgell Chunky Avocado Pulp.